The Flutter Growth Plan

Define | Create | Do | Report

1. Define your business's message

Most business owners know their products and services intimately, so it becomes difficult for them to decipher their brand with a clear, concise message.  A brand script can be used to apply to the messaging for your website, email blasts, and networking.

3. Do the plan

With any good plan, it's not worth having if it's not executed upon.  Flutter Marketing will complete any tasks in the plan. Each client of Flutter Marketing will receive a Scope of Work Agreement for a complete list of work to be completed.

2.  Create a marketing plan

Flutter Marketing provides a simple, no non-sense approach to a marketing plan that includes a customer profile, competitor information, a SWOT analysis, and marketing ideas to meet the marketing objectives (ie. increase leads, conversion, or sales).  

4. Report on the plan

After each plan, Flutter Marketing will complete a comprehensive report on the findings of the plan.  It's important to understand the results and provide analysis on whether or not it was effective.  The ideal plan results in a minimum of 100% ROI.